We value:

  • COMMUNICATING the truth of the gospel in a way that is accessible to every child.

  • CARING for kids in a consistent, predictable, and safe way so that kids feel loved and known at church. This requires teachers that are intentional, prepared, and well-equipped to love children and teach them well.

  • CARING for our volunteers. We need teachers to be happy, healthy, and growing so that they will feel sustained and not drained through their ministry.

  • CREATING relationships with families so that they feel equipped and encouraged as they disciple their children at home.

  • CELEBRATING the God-given importance of every child by meeting them where they are at every stage.

  • CONNECTING kids to the life of the larger Church body through shared experiences and relationships with different generations.

  • CONNECTING kids to their local community and to the world through opportunities to share Christ with those around them through giving and serving in different ways.

  • And asking the Holy Spirit to work here, first CLEANSING our children through salvation and ultimately CULTIVATING in them an authentic love for Jesus.